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  • Mission Statement

    Optimum Tax Solutions, known as "Optimum" due to the fact that we always try to find the optimum tax solutions for our clients. Optimum is a small but energetic firm specialising in tax consultancy for small UK companies and high net worth individuals. We are also able to help clients with their tax compliance matters, such as tax return filing, accounts, PAYE and company secretarial. Founded by Martin Westall in 2004, the company has grown solidly each year without losing the personal touch. Martin qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser in 1993, meaning he has nearly 20 years of post qualification experience.

    Optimum likes to think that it is able to provide companies and individuals with tax planning solutions that are normally only available to clients of the large accountancy firms, whilst charging only a fraction of the fees. Why should tax planning be the exclusive right of the super rich?

    Optimum is known for the clarity of its advice, with clients fully understanding the ideas being presented to them. Clients range from tradesmen to Hedge Fund Managers, giving the firm a depth of expertise in many trading areas. Martin is very proud of the fact that the vast majority of clients have remained clients since their initial contact with the firm. The testimonials give a flavour of our clients' satisfaction levels.

    Optimum is passionate about tax planning and we hope you agree once you enjoy the experience!

  • Personal Tax Services

    Optimum Tax Solutions can provide the full complement of personal tax services, ranging from a basic tax return preparation to High Net Worth Tax Planning. We always try to ensure that your tax liability is at its legal minimum. We aim to stay on top of the latest tax legislation developments and HMRC rulings so that you always receive the most up to date recommendations. We find it is best to plan your tax strategies throughout the year so that you have enough time to implement them before your tax return is due. We will discuss your financial situation with you and make recommendations to help reduce your tax liabilities.

  • Tax Credits Planning

    Many people do not realise the value of Child and Working Tax Credits, with some households able to receive up to £15,000 each year. Some tax efficient investments have an interesting effect on net household income, to significantly increase the tax credits entitlement for young hard working families.

  • Corporate Tax and Accounts completion services

    Optimum can provide a range of Corporation Tax planning ideas, from use of pensions and other types of trust, to tax efficient investment within the company to reduce tax. We are also able to prepare your annual accounts, which will form the basis of your tax return. If you run your own company, we can also prepare your Corporation or Partnership Tax Return, either working with your own accounts or the accounts we have prepared for you. We are happy to work with your existing accountant if you are happy with the accounts preparation service they provide.

  • Inheritance Tax Services

    With rising property prices in the UK, inheritance tax (IHT) is no longer a tax reserved just for the wealthy. If you have an ‘estate’ with a value which exceeds the ‘nil rate band’ (currently £325,000) you could find yourself passing an unwelcome and unnecessary tax liability on with your estate on death. This can leave your family facing the prospect of having to sell assets in order to meet that tax liability. We can help you to reduce this liability by ensuring you benefit from all exemptions and reliefs applicable to gifts made during your lifetime; advise you on the use of trusts, where appropriate, to ensure your estate is protected from IHT as much as possible.

  • Tax Efficient Investments

    Working with an IFA, Optimum is able to provide clients with some interesting investment opportunities that can help reduce or defer their tax liabilities. This helps clients to keep more of what they generate and build wealth in the medium term. An interesting bi-product of this can be an increased level of Child and Working Tax Credits, which further enhance their income position.

  • Company Valuations

    Optimum can value your company or business for whatever situation you require, be it for HMRC, potential takeover, financing, etc. Martin has undertaken many valuations for HMRC purposes, most of which have yet been unchallenged.

  • VAT Services

    We can assist with most aspects of VAT including: VAT Registration, preparation of your VAT Return and online filings with HMRC. We can also advise on the most appropriate VAT scheme for you (flat rate, cash accounting or annual VAT returns) and liaise with HMRC on your behalf.

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

    The Enterprise Investment Scheme is an attractive way of investing or indeed raising capital for your company, with total tax relief now potentially 58% for income and gains. Optimum is able to help you either claim the valuable EIS relief, or indeed obtain EIS status for your company from HMRC and advise you on the do's and don'ts as regards ongoing qualification for the relief.

  • A photo of Martin Westall
    Martin WestallATT

    Martin Westall is Optimum’s Managing Director and founder. Martin has spent over 20 years advising on UK taxation. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, following qualification in 1993. Between 1989 and 2001, Martin worked for medium sized firms of Chartered Accountants in their taxation departments, predominantly in London, obtaining a broad depth of experience in most areas of taxation. He has worked with accountants, IFAs and other advisers since the beginning of 2002, gaining experience in the Financial Services sector and, specifically tax efficient investment. Since then, he has steadily built up the client base of Optimum, as well assisting other advisers with their clients. Martin now concentrates on providing tax advice to the owner-managed business sector and high net worth individuals. Martin has built up an excellent reputation for tax technical and tax planning expertise in the high net worth individual sector. His strength is in helping individuals keep more of the income and wealth they generate, rather than losing it, unnecessarily, through taxation. Together with the rest of the Optimum team, he brings a wealth of tax and financial planning experience enabling Optimum to provide their clients with a top level of tax advice.

    A photo of Vanessa Welsh
    Vanessa WelshATT

    Vanessa Welsh is Optimum’s Tax Consultant and assists Martin in the day-to-day running of the business. Vanessa is ATT qualified and has been working as a tax professional since 2000. Vanessa started her career at KPMG and later worked as an in-house Tax Specialist for several large companies such as Watson Wyatt and Hudson Global Resources. Her expertise is focussed on Personal Taxation and specifically High Net Worth Individuals and Expatriates. Through her time working as an in-house tax manager she has also gained a lot of experience in areas such VAT, employment tax, National Insurance and Corporation Tax. Vanessa joined Optimum in April 2011 in order to support this ever growing business and to ensure clients continue to receive a quality personal service.

  • Testimonials

    “Thank you for your Invoice which is incredibly reasonable. Thank you also for the cheques from HMRC which would, I'm sure, not have come my way had it not been for your diligence. Most of all thank you for all your support over the most difficult time of my life, it made a huge difference.”

    “Thanks for such a speedy reply now that's what you call premier service.”

    "I've known Martin for over 20 years. At the time you don't realise how marvellous it is that one of your close chums becomes a Tax Accountant. Have to say that long term he would have been wasted with the large practices because he is so personal. Unreserved recommendation…….his service is always a financial win, win…………..”

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